Arpinge can unlock the potential of construction sites, slowed down by the economic crisis – Mondo Alternative September 2014

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The new unlock-yards called Arpinge

Presented yesterday at a press conference the new company Arpinge founded by the pension funds Inarcassa, Eppie Cipag.

“Arpinge” is a new joint stock company which operates in project financing, launched by the synergy of three technical pension funds gathering four professional figures: architects, professional engineers, industrial engineers, surveyors.

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Arpinge: the technical pension funds together for a private sector “unlock-yards”


Arpinge SpA is the first example in Italy of investment company in the infrastructure-real estate sector founded by pension authorities privatized. It allows the re-start within the year of 15 infrastructural works of medium size with an investment of 140 million Euros.

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(FERPRESS) – Arpinge is born, Rome 11 September 2014


(FERPRESS) – Arpinge, the new investment “unlock-yards”company is born aiming to collect the benefits of the Unlock Italy decree proposed by the Government. 51 projects for investment up to 500 million euro.

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Press Review: Presentation of Arpinge – Rome, 10 September 2014

Full press review of the event of 10the September 2014 about the presentation of Arpinge S.p.a.

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One hundred million in infrastructure from the joint stock company of Inarcassa, Cipag and Eppi – Edilizia & Territorio Sole 24 Ore 23 July 2014




A little (but not so much) private infrastructure unlock-yards (wisely) financed by technical funds of professional engineers and architects (Inarcassa), surveyors (Cipag) and industrial engineers (Eppi). Starting with a dowry of 100 million that could finance works for 300-400 million, the commitment is to reach 500 million of resources and investments of at least one billion.

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