On 30 October 2019, Arpinge S.p.A. has completed the purchase from Fondaco SGR Ltd (on behalf of the PPP Italia Fund), EP European Holding LLC and Astaldi Concessioni S.p.A.) of the entire share capital of AST B Parking Srl and AST VT Parking Srl, owners of a portfolio of 5 parking lots under concession serving the city center of Bologna, Turin and Verona for a total of about 3,300 parking spaces in rotation.


On the 5th of May 2019, Arpinge SpA has completed the acquisition of 99% of Park.Ho SrL, the company that holds the concession for the construction and management of the parking areas and of some appurtenances to the service of the Regional Hospital San Carlo of Potenza (main point of reference of the Lucanian Health care System), for a total of about 2,000 parking lots in rotation in addition to a car repair shop and a car wash.


On 12 December 2016, Arpinge S.p.A. acquired the full control of Gespar S.p.A., which owns a wide portfolio of parking facilities in the city centre of Parma, under concession granted by the City Council. The facilities consist of around 1,800 short-term parking spaces and a large number of parking boxes.


Arpinge continues its strategy toward opportunities in the transformation of the Italian electricity sector, and diversifies its portfolio in the renewable energy sector. In particular, on 20 June 2017, through Arpinge Energy Efficiency and Renewables S.r.l. (“AEER”) – its fully owned subsidiary for investments in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors – has completed the acquisition of two operating wind farms, for a total installed capacity of 34 MW. The two farms were developed and built by PLC SYSTEM S.r.l., in partnership with local partners.


This acquisition is part of the growth strategy of Arpinge in the power generation from renewable sources and energy efficiency sectors. Through AEER, Arpinge aims to build up a portfolio of assets with expected stable earnings and cash flows. AEER might target plants with finance or in full equity.

AEER – Arpinge Energy Efficiency & Renewables

Arpinge Energy Efficiency & Renewables (“AEER“) is Arpinge’s sub-holding for investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy.


Pilot project, developed by Ecosaving Supermercati Srl, which is the first concrete example of application of a project financing on a wide chain of construction to improve energy efficiency of an important network of mass retailers.

PREMI: Budget for Investments in Energy Saving Projects of Made in Italy

The Arpinge Board of Directors approved a budget 15 million of Euros  for equity investments in energy efficiency to give benefit to “energy-hungry” industrial enterpriseswhose programs show solid growth and financial status is in good standing. A project to support the competitiveness of our manufacturing industry, with a specific focus on export-oriented companies.