Project “PREMI”: Budget for investments in Energy Saving Projects related to Made in Italy Manufacturing

Sector: Energy Efficiency

Sponsor: Arpinge (100%)


The Arpinge Board of Directors approved a budget of 15 million Euros for equity investments in energy efficiency measures to give benefit to “energy-hungry” industrial Enterprises, whose programs show solid growth and financial status is in good standing. A project to support the competitiveness of our Manufacturing Industry, with a specific focus on export-oriented companies.

Arpinge confirms its vocation for the real Economy, to support the spending review of the energy costs of strategic Enterprises, with particular interest to the Food Industry sector and to Companies who are strongly oriented towards export activity.

The project is open for collaboration to Technical Partners – including professionals, also associated in temporary consortium and ESCO – which can promote specific deals, undertaking the design, installation and management of the linked project. The “consumer” Company, in turn, pays a periodic amount to Arpinge to pay back the investment done, including remuneration for the sponsor. The fees are assessed starting from a shared saving approach. Initiatives are selected after an evaluation of the financial solidity of the enterprises, and have to be based on real energy savings, with possible additional components arising from incentives such as “White Certificates” or “Conto Termico”.

To give the program effectiveness and rapidity, Arpinge has established:

  1. The standard terms of the Framework Agreement with the Technical Advisors, involved in the project risk as partner (Annex A);
  2. An internal rating system as criteria to analyze the projects, where the results will set the base for the possible cooperation, to reflect the different benchmarks creditworthiness of individual business targets (Annex B);
  3. The size of the minimum investment ticket per consumer Company has to be between € 0.8 and € 1.2 million, depending on the project’s characteristics.

As in any other initiative, one of the prerequisites to operate with Arpinge is the regularity in the contribution payments: all the involved professionals have to prove their regularity, during the construction phase, as well as before construction, in the project phase.

Based on this work, Arpinge has already signed a first partnership agreement and it is considering a number of initiatives at various maturity stages, mainly for cogeneration plants and/or efficiency measures in industrial processes.

Included in the annexes, a summary sheet of the above-mentioned criteria illustrates the logic of the initiative and the benefits for all parties involved.