The local area as our mission.

Building sites as the industrial soul

of our markets.

Local industry

as a priority


the focus of our investments

Pride in being Italian.

The commitment to combine the country’s modernisation

with sustainable land use.

3 founding shareholders

for a company open to institutional investors.

A virtuous circle

is never a closed circle.

Arpinge is a private and institutional investment company, operating in the infrastructure sector (even in “infrastructural” plants) and in some categories of real estate.

It is not a fund, but an innovative project designed to involve private institutional and social security funds in the real economy, in appropriate ways to overcome the gap of projects eligible for institutional and bankable investors.

Built on the basis of international best practices in asset management, it operates as a management company for investment vehicles even in categories supervised and regulated by the concerned entities.

Arpinge, from 2020, was admitted to Principles for Responsible InvestmentPRI” (

Arpinge, from 2016, is member of Long-Term Infrastructure Investors Association “LTIIA” (

Arpinge, from 2019, was admitted to Forum per la Finanza Sostenibile (

Arpinge, from 2020, was admitted to ASSONIME (

Arpinge, from 2020, was admitted to AIPARK (

Arpinge, from 2017, was admitted to ASTRID (

Arpinge, from 2020, was admitted to IGI (