The local area as our mission.

Building sites as the industrial soul

of our markets.

Local industry

as a priority


the focus of our investments

Pride in being Italian.

The commitment to combine the country’s modernisation

with sustainable land use.

3 founding shareholders

for a company open to institutional investors.

A virtuous circle

is never a closed circle.

Arpinge is an investment company operating in the infrastructure sector, with specific focus toward energy transition (renewables, energy efficiency and urban mobility/parking). This innovative project involves pension savings investing in real economy, using tools aiming to build and make eligible, bankable and sustainable deals (ESG).

The company, as an institutional player, promotes an investment model under responsibility criteria and with a strong focus on the environmental and social effects. In this perspective, the company has underwritten the Responsible Investment Principles (“PRI”) promoted by the UN, taking commitment to promote their dissemination.

Since the very beginning, Arpinge has targeted energy transition, with a possible expansion toward other sectors, including social infrastructures. Furthermore, the company proposes an “institutional” type of Public-Private Partnership model, characterized by an active promoting role of qualified and specialized investors, in line with the best practice already in place in other Developed countries.

Overall, Arpinge’s project looks to the international best practices and combines rigorous economic-financial evaluation methodologies with analytic metrics as impact investor.

Arpinge is a member of trade associations such as the Long-Term Infrastructure Investor Association and Assonime, as well as of various sectoral trade associations such as Aipark, Anev and Elettricità Futura and at the Forum for Sustainable Finance.

Arpinge, from 2020, was admitted to Principles for Responsible InvestmentPRI” (

Arpinge, from 2016, is member of Long-Term Infrastructure Investors Association “LTIIA” (

Arpinge, from 2020, was admitted to ASSONIME (

Arpinge, from 2019, was admitted to Forum per la Finanza Sostenibile (

Arpinge, from 2020, was admitted to AIPARK (

Arpinge from january 2017, was admitted to (

Arpinge from january 2017, was admitted to ELETTRICITA’ FUTURA (

Arpinge S.p.a. | Partita IVA e Codice Fiscale: 12539251004